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The Urgent vs The Important- a check in

MJ picture_editToday marks 7 months since the unexpected passing of my mom, Mary Jo. I know, deep in my heart that she is with me every day. Yet, I miss her actual presence; the phone calls, the visits, the hugs.

A month after she died, I wrote this passage. It ends with a question and a promise to myself to work on the balance between the Urgent and the Important. Today, I thought I would check in on myself and write about the things I am doing to try and feed my soul. Continue reading

How to do “simple” with teens

IMG_1952My daughters are now 12 and 16 years old. It’s official, we are no longer parents of little kids. While in the throes of early parenting, it seemed impossible to believe that life would ever feel different. Our days were dictated by naps, meals, play dates, and the ever coveted quest for more sleep. To add to the confusion, G was constantly in and out of the hospital. For weeks on end, G and one parent would be living at the hospital in Boston, while the rest of the family was at home. We were in survival mode.  After a long haul, G’s health has finally stabilized and the girls are now in 7th and 11th grade.  High school graduation is just around the corner. Change is in the air. Continue reading

What happens “after” decluttering?

simple, beautiful lake scene in MaineHaving spent the past few months focused so intensely on decluttering, I never thought about what would happen once I had decluttered. To be honest, I am not even sure if “decluttered” is an achievable state when you have two kids who go to school online at home, two business, four people who eat three meals a day at home, and two dogs (and don’t forget a small herd of fish!). I have, however, noticed a dramatic change in both the state of my physical space and my time spent on a device of some kind.

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Decluttering my Tech- part 2

picture of hand at the keyboardAs promised, today I am going to write about decluttering my tech, part 2. For me, part 1, was all about realizing that technology is ever-present in our culture today, but it does not have to own me. Part 2 is about trying to eliminate the technology “white noise” that bombards us every day.  Continue reading

Decluttering my Tech- step 1

woman's hand holding a computer mouseA few days ago, I posted about my stages of decluttering. Mostly, it involved “things” in and around my house. Today, I want to write about the other clutter that fills our minds and steals our time. Technology. You know, all those devices that occupy you and your children for hours and are the source of so many arguments. “It’s a school day, no screens!” or, “get off the computer”, are certainly phrases that are common in my house. Continue reading

Hakuna Mattata means No Worries

picture of a lionHakuna Mattata is a Swahili phrase that means “no worries”. I was reminded of the phrase because today, we had the luxury of going into Boston to see the national tour of the Lion King. It was absolutely amazing.

With G’s huge interest in theater and singing, we just had to see the show. Best of all, she was completely surprised! The music was great and the costumes were ingenious. We had a wonderful time.

So how does the Lion King relate to my simple living blog? Continue reading

Time out

“Simply living a complex life” is the tag line to Live Anyway. Today, I am trying to take my own advice to “keep it simple” even when challenges come up. On Monday I was stung by a bee. A little ice took care of it. By Tuesday my leg was deep red and swollen. Off I went to my primary care doc. By Wednesday the inflammation had spread to most of my thigh. An ER visit gave me the diagnosis of cellulitis and a course of antibiotics. Honestly, it was “just” a stupid little bee sting…

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My stages of de-cluttering

Decluttering is all the rage these days. Everywhere you turn there are shows and articles about decluttering, hoarding, clean spaces, tiny spaces, and even extreme minimalism 333 in which the goal is to have “less than” 333 possessions. Having been on my own mission to declutter, I thought I would share a few of the stages I have gone through.

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Time in between

Today I have been thinking about what makes a good day. It’s not just free time, a vacation day, or a lack of schedule, because there are times when even those days are not satisfying.  And what about the busy days that feel invigorating and satisfying? So, what makes the difference between a “crazy, busy” and “just right” day?

For me, the  think it is the time in between. To rush from one activity to another, to feel like I am never able to completely finish one thing before I am already thinking, or even doing, the next, is what leads to the “crazy, busy” feeling.

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An introduction

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new blog. You must be wondering why I chose the name Live Anyway. The long story is on the About Kim page. The short story  is that, although our family has faced incredible challenges, we love life deeply and choose to “live anyway”.

What does it mean to “live in the moment”? How do we put aside all the “must dos” and embrace what we believe to be the most important “dos”? How do we slow down in today’s faced paced world? And, how do we find contentment when so much of one’s self-identity today seems to be married to how busy we are?

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